Lizzy Davies

Pope issues scathing call for reform

While Pope Francis's epistle takes aim at Church elitism and economic failings, it is vague on women's role.

Amanda Knox retrial: New DNA test on alleged murder weapon

A judge has accepted a request to run DNA tests on a weapon alleged to have been used to kill British exchange student Meredith Kercher.

Italy minister’s comments about food leaves chefs simmering

Junior Minister for Culture Ilaria Borletti Buitoni has chastised Italian chefs for trying too hard to be fashionable and copying the French.

Rapper Psy brings Gangnam Style horseplay to United Nations

Ban Ki-moon showed off his dance skills when he was visited at the United Nations by Psy, the rapper behind Gangnam Style.

The lion of Essex ‘most likely a dog’

A rhino curator consulted by Essex police over the sighting of a big cat near Clacton says images taken by holidaymakers were inconclusive.

Rowan Williams issues warning ahead of women bishops vote

The Archbishop of Canterbury says frustration at disagreements over women bishops in the Church of England could result in a "depressed church".

Greek public health policies ‘punish those most at risk’

The head of Medecins Sans Frontires in Greece has accused the Athens authorities of pursuing an incorrect and dangerous public-health strategy.

Invisible Children chief defends ‘thoughtful’ Kony 2012

The head of the charity behind a film about LRA leader Joseph Kony has released a new video hitting back at criticism over its strategy and spending.

‘Hibernating’ Swede survives two-month sub-zero car ordeal

Doctors say there's "something special" about a case where a man survived spending two months snowed in his car with sub-zero temperatures outside.

Mounting fuel crisis hits Sarkozy hard

Economy could be paralysed as supplies dry up and trucks come to a halt.

Rwanda fingered for war crimes

The UN has accused Rwanda of wholesale war crimes, including possibly genocide, during years of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Hounding of the Roma

France's crackdown on its foreign Roma population, and their forced repatriation, has come under fire.

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