Lizzy Davies

Reality show on a quest for Middle East peace

Most reality television shows keep their aspirations modest: good ratings, plenty of gossip and at least one participant who makes his or her way on t

EU’s genteel geriatocracy

A weak and fragmented Europe is slowly but surely becoming a second-division world power.

Cashmere to make you ‘think’

Philippe Starck, the prolific Parisian designer, wants you to think many things about his first foray into ready-to-wear clothing.

‘Scamologists’ in court

France's Church of Scientology went on trial in Paris this week on charges of organised fraud.

Elite at heart of Angolagate

Members of France's political and business elite went on trial this week charged with involvement in the illegal sale of weapons to Angola.

The possibility of a flop

Michel Houellebecq may have just suffered the most hurtful jibe of all: he has been called boring. His cinematic debut has been given a thumbs-down.

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