Lucy Hornby

China’s affordable housing programme questioned

A new scheme has been created with the hope it will cool popular anger over high housing prices in China -- but the numbers don't add up enough.

Nobel prize for China dissident brings hope of change

China's band dissidents believe awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to one of their own could bring change to the world's most populous country.

Strong quake kills hundreds on Tibetan plateau

A magnitude 6,9 earthquake on Wednesday killed about 300 people in the mountainous Tibetan Plateau in south-west China.

2009 Report Card: Muddling along in the C class

It was called ''the gentleman's C'', the grade that scions of wealthy families could achieve while waltzing through university with a minimum of study.

China to require internet domain name registration

China has issued new internet regulations, including what appears to be an effort to create a ''whitelist'' of approved websites.

China tries to wean Africa investors off state loans

Chinese investors in Africa, long used to low-interest policy loans, are being reluctantly pushed towards commercial lending.

Han Chinese protests flare in far-west city

Security forces used tear gas to break up protests on Friday, as thousands of Han Chinese demanded better security after a spate of syringe attacks.

China denounces proposed Dalai Lama visit to Taiwan

China denounced a proposed trip to Taiwan by the Dalai Lama on Thursday, saying any such visit threatened to ''sabotage'' improving relations.

Australia pushes China on Rio Tinto detentions

Australia summoned China's ambassador on Monday for a second time to press for details of the detention of Rio Tinto's top iron ore salesperson.

China blocks Twitter ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

Access to popular social networking service Twitter and email service Hotmail was blocked across mainland China late on Tuesday afternoon.

China turns to Buddhism to calm Tibet tensions

The Beijing-backed Panchen Lama addressed an international Buddhist audience in English on Saturday, as officially atheist China turned to Buddhism.

For Chinese migrants, village is no longer home

Bundled in city clothes, Zhao Yongfeng slumped in front of a television set and tried to ignore the red-cheeked children in padded jackets.

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