Mandy de Waal

Complicit in a tide of hate and violence

South Africans are spewing vitriol on a website that is said to be stoking the fires of hate crimes.

African Bank: No rescue plan for borrowers

There’s no rescue plan for African Bank borrowers, many of whom are repaying loans that experts say are contrary to the National Credit Act.

Ocean View fishers drowned out by policy

The Ocean View fishers say they’re being forced into poverty by the government’s “flawed and corrupt” fishing permit processes.

Why Helen Zille’s racism rhetoric is wrong

If the DA leader wants to end white-on-black racism and its association with her party, she’ll avoid propaganda and tackle structural racism.

Dear Diary: 16 days aren’t enough

The endless refrain of child molestation, rape, murder, incest, violence goes on and on and on.

Our braaivleis, rugby and rape culture

Open debate, rather than vigilantism, will help to stem sexual violence against children and women.

Suffer the little children

Humanist Leo Igwe has taken on popular pastor Helen Ukpabio over the hunting of "child witches" in Nigeria.

KwaZulu-Natal will pay Cele’s legal costs

The taxpayer is picking up the tab for suspended police chief Bheki Cele's defamation case as "a matter of principle".

Lessons from the private sector

Private sector shows the public sector how its done

Zuma hotline’s puzzling statistics

The citizens' aid has been either excellent or dismal, depending on your maths methodology.

Curse of the TV tapes: Pirates of Somalia

A young Canadian with fantasies of becoming a celebrated director risked his life to document the inner workings of Somalia's pirates.

Desktop trap is a cracker

Three South Africans have come up with a killer of a game that should carry a productivity warning.

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