Marcia Zali

Vaccine certificates in South Africa ready for lift-off end of September

Digital certification looms, but questions remain on implementation, worldwide standardisation, fraud and the ethics of mandatory vaccinations

Can your employer force you to be vaccinated? Here’s the current law

Before forcing employees to be vaccinated the company or employer must consider the constitutional rights of the employees, public health imperatives and the efficient operation of the business

Doctors and nurses are most trusted sources for vaccine information

Study finds most South Africans rely on healthcare workers for vaccine advice

What we know about the C.1.2 Covid variant, so far

Experts studying the new variant, C.1.2, are surprised by its substantial mutations but are confident current vaccines will be effective against it

No need to panic over new Covid-19 variant C.1.2

Experts studying the new variant are surprised by its substantial and unexpected mutations but are confident that current vaccines will be effective against it

Professional or working class, unemployment has hammered black women the most

The latest unemployment figures show deepening joblessness and continuous setbacks

A black woman’s burden: Carer, provider and unemployed

All indicators, including the employment statistics released this week show how black women bear the brunt of unemployment. Here are their stories

Low vaccination rates due to access issues and misinformation

Vaccine acceptance has risen to 72%, but inequality remains the biggest stumbling block for poor people’s access to the jab

Covid: Masks, sanitisers the future norm

Even if herd immunity is finally reached in South Africa, non-pharmaceutical measures are necessary

Verena C still collects water from a stream after projects costing millions failed

Residents of Verena C in Mpumalanga have to collect water from a polluted stream after projects costing millions of rands failed

‘Don’t panic’ about India Covid variant

Scientists in South Africa say there’s no evidence that the B.1.617 is worse than our local variant

Sewage poisons the Vaal River

‘We don’t just wear masks because of Covid-19 — it’s because of all this shit’

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