Martin Prew

Behind the matric results: The story of maths and science

South African matrics are passing at a higher rate. But this good news does not translate for the level of maths and science teaching and learning.

Rural KZN school gets A+ for pass rates

A principled principal has enjoyed tremendous success by instilling self-confidence in his pupils.

Our maths mindset doesn’t add up

Schools keep pass rates up by limiting subject choices - sacrificing our poorest pupils' futures, says Martin Prew.

Rethinking the building blocks

Alternative models of primary schooling could provide localised knowledge that is truly relevant.

Africa fails to understand the lessons

The continent needs greater political commitment to rescue its rural and peri-urban schools, writes Martin Prew.

Schooling gets an F but still passes

The question is not how to improve the disastrous system but rather how it can be reconfigured.

Whose head should roll?

Firing the education minister will not rectify flawed procurement and intervention powers.

Neighbourly lessons in education

Why is the schooling system in Zimbabwe still outscoring the South African one?

Matric results do make sense

Identifying three trends evident in 2010 should help legitimise the pass rate for those who remain sceptical, writes <B>Martin Prew</b>.

Time for a debate

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga recently released the "Schooling 2025" blueprint. Have you read it? Did you comment on it?

SA Education: A case of mistaken identity

Normally opinionated and confident education professionals still struggle to explain why the majority of South Africa's schools are so bad.

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