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Angola: President Lourenço’s grace period is over

The country’s economic troubles began in 2014 when global crude oil prices dipped, hampering the government’s ability to generate revenue

Could Mugabe lose his limo?

This includes President Robert Mugabe’s desk and “Zim-One”, his official car, a Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard armored limousine.

Exploring Africa’s favourite beers

Snapshots of Africa’s most popular beers and the breweries that created them during colonialism and post independence.

‘Kenya is open for business’

The Kenya-South Africa Joint Business Council will help normalise trade between the two countries

Powerhouses can work together

Kenyans in Joburg to stake out their stall

Nigeria votes: What could go terribly wrong, or wonderfully right, with the election?

Nigeria votes today in a closely fought election after a campaign dominated by a slowing economy and a war against Islamist Boko Haram militants.

Think African jets are flying coffins? These numbers will prove you wrong

Carriers in the region have generally taken home a poor safety report card. Don't write them off yet: there is real hope for the $70-billion industry.

Shock as Mozambique top lawyer Cistac shot after backing opposition, dies

Cistac reportedly said calls by Renamo for greater autonomy for the north and centre of the country could be justified under the constitution.

Tanzania cracks down on ‘dirty’ dance

With the explosion of social media, the "new generation" form of the kigodoro dance has gone viral, leading to its blacklisting by the state.

Rape claims threaten to overshadow Ebola response plan

The African Union will have to deal with a crisis of another colour altogether, even as a continental response strategy to illness takes shape.

Africa as we know her might soon be history thanks to rebels, minerals, and drugs

The discovery of new riches in the soil might lead to secession, or encourage regions to cooperate. It’s not yet clear which trend will prevail.

Sport and Recreation Min Makhenkesi Stofile threatens ‘war’ if IAAF excludes Semenya

War will be declared if the IAAF excludes South African gold medallist Caster Semenya because she is a hermaphrodite.

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