Miriam Elder

Cyprus turns to Russia as crisis grows

A eurozone bailout seems unlikely, and plans to keep Cypriots banks afloat are getting desperate.

Fires blamed on jihad

Russia's top security official has alleged that al-Qaeda is waging "forest jihad" in Europe by sparking wildfires that have ravaged the continent.

Pussy Riot vow to fight despite jail

A jailed member of the punk band has spoken out against the oppression of Vladimir Putin's critics.

Madonna stages prayer for Pussy Riot’s release

Madonna is the latest in a long list of global stars who have come out to support the trio, using a concert in Moscow to condemn their persecution.

Protesters dismiss Putin death threats

The timing of news that the Russia's Vladimir Putin was almost killed has attracted scepticism from those opposed to his bid for re-election.

Putin protesters form human chain around Moscow

Russians protesting against the likely return of Vladimir Putin as president in elections next weekend have forming a human chain around the capital.

Pro-Putin group ‘plays dirty’

Hacked emails suggest a youth group pays people to sing the prime minister's praises

WikiLeaks founder’s TV show heads to Russian airwaves

A state-run Russian TV channel has bought the rights to broadcast Julian Assange's series of interviews with "political players and revolutionaries".

Russia’s leaders promise to heed protesters’ calls

Russia's leaders have promised to listen to protesters who have been disputing their parliamentary elections amid widespread allegations of fraud.

Russia’s anti-Putin protest gains momentum

Tens of thousands of protesters say they are prepared to take to Moscow's streets in the biggest challenge yet to the country's government.

Boo who? Big Bad Vlad put in his place

When Vladimir Putin stepped into the ring at Olimpisky Stadium in Moscow after a martial arts fight at the weekend, he appeared to be greeted by boos.

Chelsea owner slips in Russia’s rich rankings

The owner of London's Chelsea football club holds stakes in seven companies, including the one that owns the football club he bought in 2003.

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