Neo Lekgotla

Sobukwe was no apartheid sellout, as Mapaila claims

The regime regarded the PAC leader as the only political prisoner. The others, including Nelson Mandela, were ‘ordinary’ prisoners

Why are there so few black professors?

The right question needs to be asked when it comes to staff representation

Hairgate: We must look at language too to get to the root of the problem

Black women’s hair is deeply politicised and education experts are mulling over the significance of the learner-led protests in Pretorias.

SA is rich in undervalued languages, but greedy for more

"We are such a multilingual country, but in government, when you hear people talk, you think we are a bilingual country"

Lessons from the Rhodes statue’s fall

Public memorials are part of our heritage, and can be dealt with creatively.

State of the Nation: Why I couldn’t bear to watch this show of no leadership

We boycotted and protested against apartheid and with our votes we have returned the ANC to power since 1994. We didn't do that to be oppressed.

What is the price of education?

The humanities and arts are sacrificed in the business of ensuring solvent universities.

The African vision has lost its focus

South Africa has strayed from its path to prioritise indigenous education, by only partly implementing powerful policies.

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