Nicholas Watt and Michael White

Britain widens terror net

British Home Secretary Charles Clarke on Wednesday broadened Britain's response to the 7/7 bombings in London with plans to allow him to exclude or deport from Britain Islamist militants whose inflammatory language or behaviour is judged to foment or provoke terrorism. His announcement immediately preceded another wave of attacks on London transport.

Blair warns of ‘nasty right-wing campaign’

The British political establishment last week embarked on its four-yearly quest for the support of 44-million voters in the 2005 general election in a mood of barely concealed anxiety about what the campaign may hold. Speaking in Downing Street, Prime Minister Tony Blair said: ''It is a big choice, a fundamental choice and there is a lot at stake.'' Labour have pledged to ''fight for every seat and every vote.''

Ukip: Not just a flash in the Euro pan

The Eurosceptic United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) vote looks set to become a permanent feature of the British political landscape but is likely to lead to a third-term Labour victory by default, according to a Guardian/ICM poll. The poll confirms that Ukip did the most damage to the Tory vote in the Euro elections.

Kelly saga: Who’s to blame?

The sequence of events surrounding the leaking of David Kelly's name prior to his suicide implicates the UK's Ministry of Defence and Blair's office. Now, fingers are being pointed left, right and centre. Whose head will roll?

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