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Republican presidential potentials to debate

Frontrunner Mitt Romney and rivals for the Republican presidential nomination will face off in a high-stakes debate ahead of New Hampshire's primary.

McCain gives Romney the nod

Mitt Romney managed an endorsement from US Sentaor John McCain after a new challenge from his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination.

Obama’s approach to Israel questioned

Barack Obama has stepped up a counter attack against Republican opponents charging that he has short-changed Israel's security.

US nears 11th hour with no deal in sight

A US super committee has grown more pessimistic about reaching a deal to shrink swollen deficits as it remains unable to close partisan gaps.

Obama foes win symbolic health law repeal vote

Barack Obama's foes have muscled a symbolic Bill calling for the repeal of his overhaul of US healthcare to passage in the House of Representatives.

Revived Obama celebrates year-end wins

US President Barack Obama capped a crisis-strewn first two years in power on Wednesday by flexing restored power at home and abroad.

Obama, Democrats fear rout as US polls open

US voters headed to the polls on Tuesday in key elections widely expected to hand Republicans control of the House of Representatives.

US mid-term elections to be costliest to date

US mid-term elections are on track to be the costliest to date after court rulings opened the way for donors to flood key races with cash.

Wall Street overhaul vote ‘a victory’, says Obama

The US House of Representatives gave its final approval on Wednesday to the biggest overhaul of Wall Street rules since the Great Depression.

US Republicans again thwart Wall Street overhaul Bill

Republicans hung together on Tuesday and again thwarted Democratic efforts to start formal debate on legislation to rein in Wall Street excesses.

Wall Street overhaul Bill stalls in US Senate

Sweeping legislation to rein in Wall Street suffered a temporary setback in the United States Senate on Monday.

Divided US Senate unveils stimulus deal

After days of debate, President Barack Obama's Democratic Senate allies unveiled a pared-down plan to pump at least $780-billion into the US economy.

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