Patrick Barkham

Cloud seeding raises fears of weather weapons research

Many environmentalists criticise geoengineering for suggesting a simple techno-fix for global warming. But it may have a more sinister side.

Lions bred like lambs for slaughter

Despite efforts to ban the burgeoning business, canned lion hunting is bringing in big money from trophy - and bone - hunters.

Circumcision issue cuts two ways

American doctors say evidence suggests that circumcision is the kindest cut. But why then is it causing controversy around the world?

Channelling the energy of ADHD

Sport has helped many people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to focus and build their self-esteem, writes Patrick Barkham.

Wonder tape a sticky issue

Kinesio Tex has the makings of a fad, but some sportsmen and women swear by it. Patrick Barkham reports

Tattoos tell tales of life and death

Common symbols can have a multiplicity of meanings from the mundane to the bizarre, writes Patrick Barkham.

Albie Sachs: ‘I can’t tell my son everything’

Albie Sachs was nearly killed in 1988. He survived, and saw apartheid end, but how much should he tell his young son?

Flood disaster digs deep in Aussie psyche

The tiny town of Grantham bore the full force of the Queensland floods last month, with homes swept away and children torn from their parents' arms.

Stroke of genius a bitter pill for inventor of glucose sensor

With the aid of a toy microscope, Professor Ian Shanks came up with an idea that has improved the lives of millions of people.

Poverty haunts the Emerald Isle

Once the economic darling of Europe, Ireland's fortunes have dipped -- and its people are paying dearly for others' greed.

YouTube is more than work avoidance, it’s therapy

If YouTube has sprung from nowhere in five years, will it be in the internet graveyard alongside Friends Reunited in five years' time?

Can gay footballers ever come out?

It's time to tackle homophobia on the terraces and in the dressing room, say many people in football. Patrick Barkham reports.

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