Riazat Butt

UK scientists demand guidelines on teaching of creationism

Sir David Attenborough among those accusing "fundamentalists" of seeking to portray creationism as scientific theory in class

Divisions in Islam

The millions who made the trip to Saudi Arabia this year threw pebbles at vast pillars, shaved their heads and sacrificed animals.

Hotels hajj their bets

Saudi Arabia's religious tourism industry is booming, with luxury accommodation proving a huge draw for pilgrims, writes <b>Riazat Butt</b>

Gay bishop quits after ‘constant strain’

The rift in the Anglican communion over homosexuality was reopened after its first openly gay bishop resigned.

Emerging world embraces the rigid faith spurned by secular Europe

The Vatican's view of issues such as abortion, homosexuality and female priests looks increasingly at odds with modern secular realities.

Seeking salvation through science

University and hospital are seen as an attempt by controversial Catholic group Opus Dei to dispel myths and fears. Riazat Butt reports.

Faith 1, charity 0

After weeks of peacemaking over homosexuality, Rowan Williams points the finger of blame at North American churches.

– but Williams kept his flock together

The 2008 Lambeth Conference was held amid an atmosphere of boycotts over the 230 bishops who stayed away- and one who was never invited.

Church accused of manipulating summit over gay clergy

A US bishop has accused his own church of manipulating the Lambeth summit through briefing notes on liberal attitudes towards gay clergy.

Archbishop challenges legitimacy of breakaway faction

The Archbishop of Canterbury this week directly challenged the rebel Anglicans who have launched a breakaway faction within the global communion.

Bishop: ‘Christians must recover nerve’

The West is losing Christian discourse at a time when it needs it most, the bishop of Rochester told a gathering of church leaders in Jerusalem.

Conservatives rule out Anglican reconciliation on gay clergy

There is no hope for a unified Anglican communion because of divisions over homosexual clergy, according to conservative bishops gathering in Israel.

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