Richard Calland

Malema and the vuvuzela: The shocking truth!

I now realise that the vuvuzela is to these World Cup blogs what Julius Malema is to my political columns, writes <b>Richard Calland</b>.

Flag waving won’t fix the widening cracks

Business is now waking up to the fact that its preoccupation with the "left" was misplaced; the real dangers come from the "right".

A bridge across the wealth gap

The assumption in many quarters is that the core business of Trevor Manuel's National Planning Commission will be "smart growth".

ANC stalls over public funding of parties

SA's democracy is suffering from the absence of transparency and a complete lack of regulation of private funding, argues two analysts.

Failing all else, people must do it for themselves

<b>Richard Calland</b>: People must stop waiting and become active citizens in their demands for fairness and equality and accountable governance.

Talk, talk and more talk can be enlightening

selling South Africa has become a very difficult task since January. Something happened that tipped the balance, turned market opinion.

Therapy for Zuma’s Achilles heel

The failure to comply with the law and to make a timely disclosure of his outside financial interests is symptomatic of this institutional malaise.

Can a lame duck waddle off?

The ANC's enthusiasm for Zuma has dropped to such depths that some are already saying he should go, and go now.

The flux of the Nation

The State of the Nation speech Jacob Zuma will not be giving on Thursday February 11.

Tackling the elephant

What do ordinary South Africans think of government's plans to combat climate change? Oops, nobody's bothered to ask

Pravin the pragmatist

The new finance minister's common-sense tone has introduced a subtle shift in power relations within government.

A sense of equilibrium restored

Don't underestimate how differently this government sees itself from its predecessor.

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