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Ruth Hopkins

Fear, force and sex in Sun City

The inability of warders to handle increasing violence is turning the infamous Johannesburg prison into a sexual predator's haven.

Westbury languishing under reign of its druglords

Amid a mix of unemployment and rampant drug addiction, and in alleged complicity with police, druglords have stepped into the gap left by the gangs.

Still no progress on Mangaung prison abuse claims

The wheels of justice are turning slowly in the case of a Free State jail accused of torturing its inmates.

No escape for abused Mangaung prisoners

Everything is under control at the troubled prison, correctional services assured this week. But the inmates there tell a different, harrowing story.

Presumed innocent, rotting in jail

Despite legal reforms, prisoners are spending many years behind bars ­before going on trial.

Privatisation of prisons has ‘failed’

The Mangaung prison crisis has put the failure of private security before Parliament.

Mangaung prison: Drugs, shock and torture by ‘ninjas’

Warders at the Mangaung Correctional Centre have allegedly meted out brutal and illegal punishments to Mangaung inmates.

Mangaung prison is a private hell

Forced anti-psychotics and shock therapy are par for the course at the correctional facility.

State seizes bedlam-riven Bloem prison

After warden assaults, hostage dramas and inmate violence, G4S has lost control of the Mangaung Correctional Centre.

Presumed guilty until trial in court

Thousands of people have been languishing in prison for years without having been convicted and the causes of judicial delays are manifold.

Sisters probe TB scourge in prison

Two siblings have demanded answers after their brother went to jail healthy but came out "deadly sick".

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