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Sarah Smit

Slice of Life: Unwittingly in my dad’s footsteps

'Movies were never going to be something that I could watch. But that interested me'

ConCourt to hear ‘orphan’ pension funds scandal case

One woman’s fight to take on the pension board’s ‘unlawful’ cancellation of funds makes it to the top court

The grey anatomy of a bad date

What do we lose when we characterise sexual coercion as a romantic blunder – and who gains from that loss?

Africa’s first woman skeleton Olympian: ‘I am prepared’

The Nigerian skeleton racer made history during her last two qualifying races on her way to PyeongChang

#RhodesWar students’ battle revealed in internal disciplinary documents

Students have vowed to get their expulsions overturned; one didn’t get a chance to testify.

Slice of life: A labour of love – and victory

A work organiser at the Casual Workers Advice Office has never lost a case at the CCMA, and he has helped workers return to their previous jobs.

Life expulsion from Rhodes for ‘conduct beyond lawful boundaries’

​Two unnamed student activists have been expelled for life from Rhodes University, while protesting against rape culture at the university.

Nigerian athlete slides into history

From the sand to the ice, Africa’s first woman skeleton racer gears up for the Winter Olympics

Spike Lee revives Nola Darling in a TV joint that hits and misses

The director has recast his signature film and its characters for a new generation

Council defends law school accreditation decision

The Council for Higher Education head has defended the council’s bombshell decision to withdraw the undergraduate LLB degree accreditation for WSU

Heineken issue ferments: Labour-broking shows few signs of disappearing

Workers want permanent jobs as the company allegedly tries to evade new labour-broker laws

Some of my best friends are

The social unpacking of interracial friendships is a winding, complex and often dense undertaking.

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