Serge Daniel

African forces move on central Mali ‘much quicker than expected’

Pressure has been growing on Malian troops over summary killings and rights abuses in a French-led assault on al-Qaeda-linked groups.

Malian civilians form militia to combat extremists

With authorities failing to stand up to the aggression of invading extremist groups, Malians are forming rag-tag militias to defend their homes.

Mali rebels unite, found state of ‘Azawad’

As an Islamic state called Azawad took root in the north of Mali, the interim president tasked with restoring unity was in a Paris hotel.

Mali appoints former Nasa scientist as prime minister

Former Nasa scientist Cheick Modibo Diarra has been named Mali's new premier, even as its junta rounded up some of the nations top officials.

Mali waits for junta to stand down after president resigns

Mali is waiting anxiously to see if the military junta would restore democracy after the toppled president formally resigned.

Consequences of coup falls on Mali’s interim leader

Mali's interim leader Dioncounda Traore has plenty to prepare for after ousted President Amadou Toumani Toure resigned as part of a deal with Ecowas.

Diplomats kidnapped in Mali as chaos continues

Islamists have stormed the Algerian embassy in Mali and abducted seven diplomats amid fears that fighters are turning the country into a rogue state.

Mali’s Tuareg rebels push for national military positions

Rebels in the north of Mali have been moving south to take up state military positions, while renegade soldiers demanded the president's arrest.

Malians mobilise to protect elephant population

Ali Ag Rhissa, a young Touareg nomad, sits in his tent, his gun ready, on the frontline of one of Mali's battles -- protecting its desert elephants.

Tuareg rebels lay down weapons to join peace process

Hundreds of former Tuareg rebels on Tuesday formally joined Mali's peace process at a disarmament ceremony in Kidal, marking the end of an uprising.

Peace process in northern Mali back on track

After recent flare-ups and clashes between the Malian army and Tuareg rebels in northern Mali, the peace process was revived this week.

Tuareg rebels kidnap 15 soldiers in Mali

Tuareg rebels from a new group that has reneged on a peace accord with Mali's government kidnapped 15 soldiers from an eastern town and fled in the direction of Niger, Malian security officials said on Monday. Several security sources said Tuareg leader Ibrahim Ag Bahanga was behind the kidnapping.

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