Shaun De Waal

A love for writing and women

Renowned South African author André Brink pursued love as voraciously as he wrote

Cyril plays a careful game

The president may have kept his cards close to his chest but now he has  to make bold moves

Cyril played his cards right to the top

The president may have kept them close to his chest but now he has to make bold moves

There’s a green new deal in Melville

"We’d wondered if there would be actual weed on sale at this weedfest. It’s not exactly 100% legal to sell it publicly, is it?"

A simple plot points to high art

The Bookshop may not have all the answers about literature’s role in society, but it raises the questions

Vote for the one that isn’t the other one

'At least Mbeki has returned from seclusion at his think-tank to do some actual work for the ANC at the hustings'

Full account of Free State skullduggery

The distance between the ANC general secretary’s looting and ‘fake news’ is seemingly a straight line

Botes takes on a giant subject

The artist uses his trademark comic-book style and a touch of Goya to address Marikana

Tyresome lower-case tornado

Tony Yengeni’s tweet implied Mashaba should be necklaced. He has been widely criticised for this, and the DA has laid a charge.

Picaresque of 70s hippie punk

Hitting the right notes, a memoir of white kids’ musical rebellion tells of a youth well misspent

History plus myth means dignity

Mda’s latest novel paints a picture of how the West, then and now, refashions the other to validate its own preconceptions

Bright lights, dark mutterings

Are we so in thrall to images of wealth that we would just stand there, agog at the spectacle, and not wonder about all this wasted electricity?

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