Sibylla Brodzinsky

Dying to use Chavez’s glass hearse

A Colombian funeral director had to buy back his customised Lincoln after a Venezuelan slip-up.

Colombia’s civilian kills exposed

The man who blew the whistle on 'false positives' says he's now being targeted by a vengeful military.

US ‘holds key’ to peace in Colombia

Washington's envoy will have to straddle a tightrope in the delicate process to end civil war.

Colombians vote to end long civil war

Having won a close race, returning President Juan Manuel Santos vows to work towards peace.

Firebrand mayor guns for weapons

Gustavo Petro has gone from guerrilla to peacemaker-politician.

Red-carding the cartels

Colombian Congress to tackle money laundering that threatens to make football 'non-viable'.

Blood gold in Bogota

British mining giant Anglo American has been accused of profiting from the persecution, intimidation and killing of miners in Colombia who oppose the company's operations. The international charity War on Want says in a report released this week that Anglo American and its subsidiaries benefited from army operations in areas where the company is prospecting, which have forced families off their land and intimidated community leaders.

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