Sid Lowe

More Messi magic

Irresistible Argentinian steals the show again to leave his old master grasping for a system.

How Suárez adds bite to FC Barcelona

It is nearly a week since Barcelona defeated Real Madrid in El Clasico, but the effects of Luis Suarez's sublime goal are still being felt in Spain.

A new era at the Nou Camp

As Barcelona manager Luis Enrique tries to build a dream machine. He has to start work without its most important part.

Mourinho is just looking for love

At times the campaign against Madrid's coach has been vicious and some of the criticism absurd. But much of the opprobrium has been earned.

From torment to teamplay for Torres

Chelsea striker, Fernando Torres says he is more mature and focused and owes a debt of gratitude to Liverpool, writes Sid Lowe.

That’s history, now for the future

The Spanish players had not left the Olympic Stadium in Kiev before minds were being focused on winning the 2014 World Cup.

Dani Alves: Right back on fast forward

The best defence is attack, according to the all-rounder Dani Alves, who has helped to reverse Barcelona's fortunes and propel them to success.

Barcelona’s bid for redemption against Chelsea

The Champions League semifinal against Chelsea has become about more than just winning. It is a chance for Barça to beat the Blues convincingly.

Back where it all began

Pep Guardiola was not lying all those years ago when he told Cesc Fabregas that he would one day wear Barcelona's No.4 shirt.

Minister battles for control of services Seta

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande is locked in a battle with the board of the services Seta over control of the institution.

Man United’s Ferguson is ready to forget Rome

Manchester United are looking for revenge for their 2009 defeat, while Barcelona's Eric Abidal will be happy just to play.

Liverpool was chaotic, says Torres

Fernando Torres has revealed that he resolved to leave Liverpool long before his January transfer to Chelsea because the club was in "chaos".

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