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No free press in SA, says Dewani’s lawyer

Shrien Dewani's lawyers say he should not be sent to SA as he is mentally ill, would be harmed in prison -- and because there is no free press here.

Gbagbo pondered SA refuge

Ivorian leader and former president Laurent Gbagbo wanted to use the South African embassy in Abidjan as a possible venue to negotiate his exit.

Zimbabwe balks at Wade’s mediation bid

As new opposition accusations of violence emerged this week to threaten Thabo Mbeki's mediation efforts in Zimbabwe, neither the ruling party nor the political opposition appeared keen on Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade's latest bid for involvement in the talks. Wade said earlier this month that he plans to visit Zimbabwe within weeks to “talk with him [President Robert Mugabe] to see what Africa can do”.

Rate hike for Christmas?

International oil prices galloping towards a barrel could force another petrol price increase next month and South Africans may also need to brace themselves for a further hike in interest rates, just in time for Christmas. A strengthening rand may, however, be just the white knight consumers need.

Zim ‘not closing’ M&G owner’s papers

Zimbabwe's government-appointed Media and Information Commission will not close down two popular private newspapers even if owner Trevor Ncube -- also the publisher of the Mail & Guardian in South Africa -- loses his Zimbabwean citizenship, state television reported late on Wednesday.

Africa’s elephants embark on risky crop raids

Elephants roaming the parched plains of Africa's national parks can get up to half their food by risky midnight raids into crop fields, according to scientists who tracked a herd by satellite monitoring in Kenya's Samburu national reserve. It is a problem that also occurs in South Africa.

SA’s Theron, Tsotsi nominated for Golden Globes

South African-born actress Charlize Theron was nominated for best actress for North Country, and director Gavin Hood's Tsotsi -- based on the Athol Fugard novel -- was nominated for best foreign film on Tuesday when the list of nominations for the Golden Globes was announced.

Tenor’s death a ‘personal loss’ for SA

One of South Africa's most successful opera singers, Deon van der Walt, was found dead on Thursday at his family's wine estate in northern Paarl after being shot twice in the chest. During his career as tenor, Van der Walt performed in many prestigious opera houses and won several prizes.

Gandhi refuses prime minister post

Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi has refused to become India's next prime minister, it was reported on Tuesday. She has apparently told senior Congress Party leaders that she does not want to head the new government, television network NDTV reported.
  • Hindu party to boycott Gandhi ceremony
  • Iran quake toll hits 20 000

    The devastating earthquake that hit the south-eastern Iranian city of Bam on Friday left 20 000 people dead and 30 000 injured, according to a provisional toll issued by the Interior Ministry, Iranian state television reported on Saturday. Earlier reports said 20 000 were still buried under rubble.

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