Tom Kington

Street View takes Venice by foot

It has taken six years, but the secrets of Venice's watery back alleys have finally succumbed to Google Street View.

Italian Mafia blamed for wine spillage

One of Tuscany's finest red wines is now a lot harder to find after vandals broke into the producer's cellar and emptied 80 000 litres on the floor.

Asylum seekers abandoned to hardships and racism in Italy

Political refugees who risk their lives to sail from Africa to Italy are being abandoned to a life of poverty and isolation, according to a report.

Knives at dawn: Naples chefs take sides in ‘ultra pizza’ wars

Naples gave birth to the margherita, but now passions are running high over the addition of stilton, port or even liquorice.

The Da Vinci coda: Evidence of lost masterpiece uncovered

Researchers say they have found evidence that a lost fresco by Leonardo da Vinci is painted on a hidden wall in a cavity in the town hall in Florence.

Silvio Berlusconi: Should he go or should he go?

Berlusconi's resignation has become a question of when, not if, after he was deserted by allies who say crippling debt isn't Italy's problem: he is.

Italy wants Unesco protection for Neapolitan pizza

Headlines in Italy have focused on pizza after it was this year voted by Italians as one of the dishes that best sums up their nation.

Catholic church raids deplorable, says pope

Groups representing victims of clerical abuse expressed outrage this week after the pope criticised raids on the Catholic church by Belgian police.

Pampered players irk some

Austerity in Europe is in stark contrast to the experience of footballers in South Africa, say politicians.

Top-level Catholic sex probe in Ireland

Pope Benedict has appointed controversial retired archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor in sex abuse scandal case.

Vatican plans airways to heaven

The Vatican may have territorial limits, its own post office and even a football tournament, but it has hitherto lacked what all real states offer: an airline. That will be put right this month as the Vatican launches its first charter flights for pilgrims from Rome to Lourdes, with some of the world's top religious destinations to follow, including the shrine of Fatima in Portugal and the shrine of the Madonna of Guadalupe in Mexico.

Sun, sea and cellulite

Italian women are flocking to the country's first all-female beach: a short stretch of sand designed to let bathers relax away from prying eyes and football talk. Bathers arriving at beach number 134 on the 80km stretch of beach clubs linking Rimini to Riccione are greeted by a large sign featuring a crossed-out image of a man.

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