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Fake news alert: Medical male circumcision not linked to penile cancer

Africa Check debunks a bogus news story spreading myths about medical male circumcision after Bhekisisa sounds the alarm.

Fact Check: Are South Africans the 8th highest sugar consumers in the world?

The size of South Africa's super-sized sweet tooth may be over-stated

Fact Check: No, SA does not weigh in as the world’s 3rd most obese nation

Africa Check digs into the data to reveal the surprising truth behind the widely cited statistic

A roundup of fake AIDS ‘cures’: Angel Zapper, Garani MW1, Topvein, SF 2000

Fake AIDS "cures" have been the bane of activists fighting for treatment. We discovered a new one and checked in on some we've debunked before.

Pharma funding for TB research four times less than government funding

Available data shows significantly higher investment by public and philanthropic institutions in TB research than by the pharmaceutical industry.

Transnet tender boss’s R50-billion double game

Guptas and Duduzane Zuma are hidden stakeholders in a strategic locomotive subcontracting company bought while the main tender process was ongoing.

Paperless trail “may lead to witness box”

All communication relating to Nkandla was “strictly regulated and limited … to verbal reporting”

Religious sentiments can’t be allowed to override our Constitution

By provoking debate on his religion's relation to the law Mogoeng opens himself - and, by extension, his office - to criticism, debate and engagement.

Beyond Thuli: The Nkandla fight goes on

More petitions are before the courts as delays drag truth closer to the secrecy Bill's horizon.

Why is no one watching the watchmen?

A long-awaited report reveals SA spooks’ endless battles with funds, efficacy and independence

Missing Zimbabwe election documents, missing accountability

The loss of the Khampepe report is a high-profile instance of what is becoming a common occurrence in our courts and in government departments.

High court orders CSR E-loco to reveal tender details

A high court order in favour of M&G's investigative centre amaBhungane has beaten down CSR E-loco's attempt to dilute corporate transparency.

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