South Africans can now access their Covid-19 vaccination certificate digitally

A step-by-step toolkit explains everything you need to know to download your digital vaccination certificate

Former British minister urges Boris Johnson to remove SA from UK Covid red travel list

Peter Hain has written a letter to the prime minister saying the red listing of South Africa has ‘no justification whatsoever in science’

Covid-19 vaccine mandates: A constitutional balancing act

South Africa’s laws allow the government to implement mandatory Covid vaccinations but, if it chooses this path, it must do so responsibly

Gas giant spreads misinformation on oxygen plants in Namibia

An investigation exposed how Afrox charges N$510 to refill a cylinder containing 1 400 litres of oxygen, enough to help a severely ill Covid-19 patient breathe for about two hours

The convenient myth of an Africa spared from Covid-19

There are few, if any, studies to support Pfizer chief executive’s assertion that the global south would be more vaccine-hesitant than the north

Beer industry welcomes lifting of Covid-19 alcohol ban

But brewers warn that a festive season prohibition will negate any recovery in the sector

Pfizer vaccine approved for children older than 12, but roll-out not yet on the way

Vulnerable older groups remain a priority for the health department, so no Covid-19 jabs for children for now

The robot that allows Covid-19 patients human contact

A mental health pandemic: It’s far from ideal, but a dying mother was able to blow kisses to her child thanks to Khanya the robot

South African adolescent receives first shot in Sinovac trial

The youth is the first of 2 000 South African children taking part in the global trial to test the CoronaVac vaccine

Data shows there’s a higher risk of landing up in ICU or dying if you’re not vaccinated

The effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines is becoming clear from the difference in the number of people admitted to hospital between those who have received at least one vaccine dose and those who have had none

As CoronaVac trials kick off children talk about their views on Covid-19 vaccinations

Children from the age of six months to 17 years will take part in vaccine trials

Vaccine certificates in South Africa ready for lift-off end of September

Digital certification looms, but questions remain on implementation, worldwide standardisation, fraud and the ethics of mandatory vaccinations

Covid-19 stymies six years of progress in tackling poverty in Gauteng

Some 36% of Gauteng households live in poverty, according to a new survey, with poverty levels having shot up during the course of the pandemic

Can your employer force you to be vaccinated? Here’s the current law

Before forcing employees to be vaccinated the company or employer must consider the constitutional rights of the employees, public health imperatives and the efficient operation of the business

Doctors and nurses are most trusted sources for vaccine information

Study finds most South Africans rely on healthcare workers for vaccine advice

Undocumented people neglected in plans to vaccinate

Those without an ID, passport or asylum-seeker number fear that getting the jab will get them booted out the country – that is if they are able to access vaccination in the first place

What we know about the C.1.2 Covid variant, so far

Experts studying the new variant, C.1.2, are surprised by its substantial mutations but are confident current vaccines will be effective against it

J&J’s failure to deliver adequate Covid-19 doses to South Africa is nothing new

South Africa is still awaiting millions of Covid-19 vaccines from Johnson & Johnson even though the country contributed to its research through the Ensemble and Sisonke studies