/ 21 January 2022

Matric results 2021 mapped: how did your school do?

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The class of 2021 had a much harder time than most, having to contend with the pressure of grade 12, two years of a pandemic and, at times, isolation. But as revealed in the matric results 2021, they have emerged with a 76.4% pass rate. The Mail & Guardian has collated the data showing the pass rates of each school. Note all data relates to the NSC exams, not the IEB results.

Search the map below by typing in the name of your local school. You can scroll down or click here to view all the results by province and subject.

Note: “Quintile” relates to the relative wealth of a school’s catchment area, on a scale of 1-5. Larger dots therefore represent more affluent schools.

These results are preliminary and are subject to change.

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