/ 19 July 2023

Objects of Desire: Little luxuries

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There is so much content flooding our TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest feeds sharing different ways to “elevate” the everyday. These are objects, treats, and practices that boost our moods, act as tiny rituals, and remove the mundane from life. 

The splendour of this is that little luxuries are different for everybody. Small luxuries don’t necessarily indicate a certain price tag, but making the conscious decision to do something because you want to. 

Group dynamics 

Global fashion retailer H&M is giving flowers to local talent once again by tapping Tsonga designer Rich Mnisi for their latest collaboration. Not everyone has the access to buying garments from local luxury designers, but an H&M collaboration makes these sartorial treats more accessible. Available through H&M and Superbalist From July 2023. 

Burning bright 

With scent being one of our most powerful senses, turning to fragrance is an effective, daily ritual where luxury is inherent. Personal fragrances reflect our inner moods and can trigger cherished memories, while home fragrances can set the mood.

Why not indulge your space with one of the highly coveted Diptyque candles? Take it a step further with the Diptyque Baies Candle that is full of fresh roses and blackcurrant notes. Available through Skins Cosmetics. 


On the case 

Celebrations by nature are a luxury, whether it is a celebration of life, an achieved milestone, or a holiday. What is something always present at a celebration? Champagne. 

In July, iconic French champagne pioneers Moët & Chandon are celebrating 280 years of bubbles by giving us a limited edition collectors item coffer to exemplify champagne’s special ‘joie de vivre’. Drawing inspiration from Art Nouveau trailblazer Alphonse Mucha, this is an avant-garde champagne designed to celebrate like a Great Gatsby-inspired extravaganza. Available through Moët & Chandon. 

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