Who’s making money from Covid-19?

The public purse has taken a hammering under emergency measures put in place to deal with Covid-19. Unsurprisingly, not all the deals that have gone through government have had the best interests of citizens at heart. As expenditure details from the past few months are being released, the Mail & Guardian has raised concerns relating to the procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE), and we’re not the only ones. The South African Revenue Service is concerned about tender irregularities too.

To help South Africans stay on top of the billions of rand in public spending on PPE, we’re gathering details of all of the tenders awarded so far, and are compiling them into a searchable spreadsheet below. We have received information from provincial governments in Gauteng, the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga. We will update these tables as more details come through, including information where tender recipients are known to be government employees.

You can see a full screen version of these tables here, which is easier to navigate if you are on a mobile device. If you would like to suggest edits and help us keep the data up to date, please use this form.

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