/ 2 February 2024

Egoli Gas’s next steps following Johannesburg High Court exoneration


Kensington residents have until 20 February to access transitionary rebates to help them move from piped to cylinder gas 

With the recent court findings by the Johannesburg High Court  exonerating independent natural gas reticulator, Egoli Gas, it has taken the decision to extend the  deadline for termination of piped gas supply for the community of Kensington to 20 February 2024, to give the last handful of affected customers who were waiting for this judgement an opportunity to switch their energy source. 

Driven by the necessity to assist the community to convert before the termination is effective,  Egoli Gas took to the streets of the Johannesburg suburb of Kensington in November last year to share information around the termination of supply, and on how customers can access their transitionary rebates dedicated to  helping them move from piped gas to cylinder gas (LPG).

Ray Domingo, Sales & Marketing  Manager at Egoli Gas, explains: “This year our sales team is back on the ground to deliver letters of  extension to the community, while another team is located at Pasteleria Princesa Restaurant to  assist community members with accessing rebates and gas cylinder(s) on offer to start their  transition. For those who need more information, please chat to our onsite sales team who will  equip you with the necessary steps to convert to bottled gas before the 20th of February 2024.” 

Egoli Gas encourages community members who have not yet begun the conversions to make use  of the rebates on offer and the final extension of the termination date to start their transition.  The natural gas reticulator will also be providing additional resources that will be deployed to  maintain the pipeline until the extension ends. 

Egoli Gas will grant no further extensions after 20 February 2024, as this is the date supply  will be discontinued in the low-pressure network. 

For further inquiries, please contact Egoli Gas at [email protected] for detailed information, or visit: https://www.egoligas.co.za/