/ 15 February 2024

How Hamilton’s move to Ferrari will affect the sports betting market

Lewis Hamilton has signed a three-year deal with the Mercedes Formula One team and will replace seven-times world champion Michael Schumacher.
Lewis Hamilton is moving to Ferrari in 2025.

Nobody is sure how he will cope with the Italian team and cars

The beginning of 2024 was sensational in Formula 1. Nobody could have thought that Lewis Hamilton would move to Ferrari. Yes, it will happen only in 2025, but already bookmakers offer motorsport fans to make their predictions and try to earn a six-figure sum.

What kind of bets do bookmakers offer to make?

The main intrigue that worries every motorsport expert is the confrontation within the team. Hamilton defeated all his partners and established an atmosphere in the team. However, everyone knows that Charles Leclerc for Scuderia is not the second number, but a kind of author’s project. Ferrari led the career of the Monegasque from the junior series. You can find themed gambling through gitpa.org. Leclerc’s rating and reputation are at a very high level.

There are a few other factors to consider as well:

  • Leclerc has already spent several seasons in the team and has won several victories. He is known and loved. You can bet on him every season, although in past years Carlos Sainz Jr performed no worse than the Monaco native.
  • Hamilton doesn’t speak Italian and has never faced the pressure of an Italian team. Playing for Ferrari in Formula 1 is not the same as driving for Mercedes or McLaren. He will have to make a Herculean effort to get feedback from mechanics, engineers and management.
  • Italian cars are finicky. We shouldn’t be surprised if Scuderia can’t build the perfect car; there were not many in the history of the team from Maranello. It is worth remembering the words of Eddie Irvine, who moved to Ferrari in 1996. The Irishman sincerely wondered how Michael Schumacher managed to tame this extremely unruly beast.

Experts pay attention to age. Yes, Hamilton is in excellent shape, and is not burdened with family affection and care, which often distracts from racing. But Leclerc is in a similar situation, which is why the confrontation of the two top pilots causes the bookmakers the most interest.

What factors can affect the bookmakers’ odds?

Analysts urge not to forget that the transfer of Hamilton to the Italian team turned the pilot market upside down. Mercedes is freeing up a place for a fighting driver, and there are plenty of those willing to sit behind the wheel of the silver arrows. In addition, it should be remembered that the German team is very likely to be able to build a competitive car, and therefore bets on Hamilton’s victories in a red jumpsuit can be a losing bet.

Bookmakers advise taking several likely scenarios into account:

  • Will Mercedes’ engineering team move to Ferrari? Apparently, Hamilton has decided to repeat the path of Schumacher and take the most talented staff with him. However, Toto Wolff has already told journalists that he is not going to let anyone go.
  • Will Fernando Alonso move to Mercedes? George Russell, of course, is a strong racer, but still many agree that up to the champion level of Hamilton and Alonso he is still far away. For Alonso, the transition to the silver arrows camp looks ideal. Many doubt that at the wheel of Aston Martin the Spaniard will be able to fight for his third championship title.
  • Will the Scuderia be able to overcome the crisis? It is not a taken for granted fact that Ferrari will build a good car. We all know how hard Hamilton copes with demotivation.

When analysing the situation, many fans forget that the Red Bull team is now far ahead, and to catch up with it in the next two years will be very difficult. Although in the camp of the Austrians there is an internal struggle for power, it is unlikely that Red Bull will lose the leadership in the next couple of years. And therefore Hamilton, Ferrari and Mercedes will have to solve many tasks at the same time, which can also affect the results.