/ 1 March 2024

TSHEPO and The Singleton unite in a partnership of precise craftsmanship

Tshepo Jeans

TSHEPO helps people discover their perfect pair of jeans that they will cherish, wear forever, and pass down through generations

TSHEPO Jeans has recently partnered with award-winning single malt Scotch whisky The Singleton. According to Tshepo Mohlala, the man behind the Joburg jeans company, what unites TSHEPO and The Singleton is a shared commitment to craftsmanship — both produce meticulously crafted high-quality products that have a very strong identity.

“At TSHEPO Jeans, we believe in the power of stories,” says Mohlala. “Our brand is built on the idea that crafting exceptional jeans is an art. We aim to be masters in creating not just jeans but a global luxury brand that redefines African craftsmanship. Our goal is to tell a timeless story of who we are, rooted in South Africa and reaching the world. We value slow fashion, quality materials, top-notch craftsmanship, and extraordinary finishes. This is our recipe for a brand that lasts, narrating our story for generations to come.”

For The Singleton, craftsmanship is about going the extraordinary length to create single malt Scotch whisky that is carefully balanced and always enjoyable. Every stage of production is painstakingly nurtured to impart the smooth rich flavour profile for which The Singleton is famed. The makers know that a little bit longer makes all the difference. That’s why they carefully apply long fermentations, slow batch distillation and expertly harmonise the flavours of European and American oak casks. Craftsmanship takes time, care and passion.

Mohlala says he sees TSHEPO as a wonderful tale to help people discover their perfect pair of jeans — jeans they will cherish, wear forever, and pass down through generations, creating long-lasting memories. “Our secret lies in thoughtfully chosen materials, tailored fits, and impeccable finishes. This ensures each pair is crafted to match the unique contours and size of our customers, seamlessly blending into their everyday lives, be it work or play,” he says.

When Moholala was a kid he struggled a lot with low self-esteem; fashion and design played a key role in turning him into the person he wanted to be. He believes that fashion, like art and music, helps us navigate through different times and seasons. Just as The Singleton chose the salmon as its symbol because it swims upstream, which narrates a whisky that goes against the norm, Mohlala says: “I chose to go against the usual because I believed my voice was strong enough to capture and express the spirit of the times, using denim as my canvas.”

To discover more about TSHEPO, visit: https://www.tshepo.shop/

For more information about The Singleton, visit: https://www.thesingleton.com/