/ 17 May 2024

LinkedIn introduces Gaming with Logic Puzzles

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The games are designed to be a daily brain teaser, offering just one chance per day to crack the codes in Queens, Crossclimb and Pinpoint

In an unexpected yet fascinating twist, LinkedIn is literally stepping up its game! The professional networking giant has rolled out an exciting new feature that’s bound to captivate and engage its global audience.

Say hello to LinkedIn’s latest innovation: Gaming with Logic Puzzles. We’re not talking about your average pastime activities here. LinkedIn is introducing three intellectually stimulating games — Queens, Crossclimb, and Pinpoint. Each game is designed to challenge your mind in different ways: Queens will test your strategic thinking and logic skills, Crossclimb will quiz you on trivia to expand your knowledge, and Pinpoint will examine your prowess in word association.

Already intrigued? These games are accessible worldwide starting today, available at your fingertips through a direct link or via LinkedIn News, the creative minds behind this initiative. Read more on why these games matter and how to give yourself a chance to play!

Why LinkedIn is launching gaming

With the introduction of Gaming with Logic Puzzles, LinkedIn is revamping the way we see and engage with professional networking. Much like the infectious appeal of Wordle, which hooked millions with its daily word-guessing ritual, LinkedIn’s games are designed to be a daily brain teaser, offering just one chance per day to crack the codes in Queens, Crossclimb and Pinpoint. These aren’t just throwaway diversions; they’re carefully crafted puzzles that challenge your brainpower and expand your knowledge in an enjoyable and meaningful way.

What sets LinkedIn’s gaming initiative apart is its social component. You can now invite your first-degree connections to join you in these daily challenges. Whether you’re showing off your latest score in Pinpoint or strategising together in Queens, these games are making it significantly easier (and fun) to keep in touch with your professional network. It’s a clever take on building and reinforcing connections in a space that’s often seen as strictly business-oriented.

Dan Roth, LinkedIn’s VP and Editor in Chief, puts it succinctly: “Games provide a way to build these network ties.” This vision extends beyond just casual gaming; it’s about creating a more cohesive and engaged community on LinkedIn. By leveraging the model established by giants like The New York Times, which bolstered engagement through its puzzle portfolio, LinkedIn aims to enrich its platform with a form of engagement that’s both valuable and enjoyable.

Given LinkedIn’s massive user base and its integrated content and advertising strategy, these games are not just a fleeting gimmick. They represent a strategic push to enhance user interaction, making the platform not just a place for professional networking but also a hub for intellectual entertainment. With the potential to attract even more users through this unique blend of logic puzzles and social networking, LinkedIn is setting a new precedent for how professional platforms can engage with their audiences.

The three games: Queens, Crossclimb, and Pinpoint


Queens is essentially the brainy cousin of Sudoku, with a royal twist. Your mission? Arrange crowns on a board in such a way that none of them clash. It’s a race against the clock, challenging your pattern recognition and strategic planning skills to the max.

Unlike Sudoku, where you deal with numbers, Queens hones in on spatial reasoning with a dash of royal flair. Share your scores to spur a friendly rivalry or aim for glory on the company leaderboard—just keep in mind your company affiliation is visible for all to see.

Worried about getting too sucked in? LinkedIn’s got you covered. With a one-game-per-day cap and quick gameplay, even the busiest of professionals can join in without skipping a beat. Executive editor Laura Lorenzetti assures: “They are contained, and they’re intended to be contained. We’re not here to waste your time but to enrich your day with a spot of intellectual relaxation.”


Crossclimb challenges your trivia knowledge like no other. It starts with a clue for a word, and here’s where it gets fun: each subsequent clue adds or changes a letter to form a new word, creating a chain that snakes across the grid. It’s like climbing a trivia mountain where each step radically changes the view.

Honestly, it had me scratching my head at times — getting the first word is key, or you’re in for a wild ride. Yet, a friend claims it’s her top pick; she loves mental gymnastics. And don’t forget, the company leaderboard adds that extra spice of competition. Will you be this week’s Crossclimb champ?


Pinpoint, the brainchild inspired by the addictive Connections game from the New York Times, puts a unique LinkedIn twist on word association. In Pinpoint, you’re thrown into a puzzle of concealed words, with the ultimate goal of uncovering the hidden connection between them.

The challenge? You’ve got to guess this connection with as few clues as possible! Initially, it might feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but once you catch on, it’s thrilling. It tests not only your vocabulary but also your ability to see beyond the obvious, drawing lines between seemingly unrelated concepts.

Perfect for adding a bit of mental gymnastics to your daily routine, Pinpoint encourages you to think outside the box, boosting your problem-solving skills one reveal at a time. Ready to prove your prowess and climb the leaderboard?

Final thoughts

LinkedIn is stepping into new territory with Gaming with Logic Puzzles, blending brain teasers and professional networking in a refreshingly engaging way. While not the first to intertwine gaming and social networking, LinkedIn’s unique spin aims to keep professionals hooked beyond the initial curiosity.

By integrating games that stimulate the mind and foster connections, LinkedIn is cleverly navigating past the trend of standalone gaming experiences that have seen varied success elsewhere.

And if these games are boring or monotonous for you, you can opt for the more adrenaline-filled side of gaming — blackjack games in online casinos. Give it a try, and you might find yourself having fun while enhancing your decision-making skills.