/ 10 December 2021

PODCAST: What is South Africa’s “sneaker flipping” industry?

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Business Casual: This is a not-so-typical business podcast exploring different parts of the sector, and this week, it is all about the kicks.

Sneakers, or amatekkie – for most, they’re just shoes, but for some, it’s a way to make money. Have you ever heard of sneaker flipping? Well, Sarah Smit and Lineo Leteba let you into the sole of the business with our guests Teekay Motla and Katlego Mokale, the founders of Sneaker Content. They are the classic business duo where passion meets smarts and they both take on the kicks industry. 

Mail & Guardian’s journalists and guests have been in ‘casually’ conversation about the South African economy and its place in the global economy, and our economy before Covid-19 and the one we have now over the past few weeks. This week is no different.

In this fifth episode of the M&G Listen podcast, we take on the growing and exclusive sneaker flipping industry. How did it all start for our two guests and what does it mean to be a ‘sneaker flipper’. 

Many of us wear sneakers, and for many different reasons. But for our guests, it is way more than just finding the perfect pair. Waiting for the perfect pair of sneakers to get released and being the first in line is the most crucial part of the business after reputation and who you know.  

We break down the terminology and give you a few tips on how you can get your perfect pair of sneakers from authentic sneaker resellers in South Africa. 

Is there a difference between a sneakerhead and being the brains behind a sneaker reselling company? Our guests let us in on the secrets and they give us a few gems of how they got to their success. 

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Business Casual is a not-so-typical business podcast. The Mail & Guardian’s journalists and guests talk about everything from the South African economy and its place in the global economy.

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