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Sassa payments at cash paypoints suspended due to riots

Sassa has suspended cash payments after the cash-in-transit industry halted cash delivery until further notice in response to rioting and looting

The social development department is discussing vaccinating ECD, Sassa workers in current phase

Minister Lindiwe Zulu made wide-ranging announcements on Friday, including how early childhood development centres should operate under level-four lockdown

Bloated Sassa to make staff cuts

The social security agency has ‘lost’ R2-billion on unnecessary salaries and through wasteful expenditure

Sassa official in fraud probe is promoted

Totsie Memela-Khambula has been accused of promoting a senior manager who is implicated in a R1.3m corruption probe

Sassa chief executive ignores R45m jobs-for-pals claim

Totsie Memela-Khambula has known about allegations of a nepotistic tender for months but taken no action

Ipid report clears cops of misconduct for use of water cannon on Sassa crowd

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate found no misconduct was committed by police who used a water cannon on a crowd outside the Sassa office in Bellville, Cape Town

New Covid-19 grant, old Sassa problems

A sharp increase in the number of social grant recipients after the introduction of the special grant during the pandemic has exacerbated the strained grant payment system

Sassa disses disability grant applicants

Towards the end of level four of the lockdown, Sassa offices reopened for applications for old age pensions and childcare and foster care grants, but not for disability grants

Sassa system ignores digital divide

Sassa is keen to try out online registration to process applications for the Covid-19 relief grant, but NGOs are wary because not all intended beneficiaries are able to access data

Net1 subsidiary goes to court to compel Sassa to pay grants into its accounts

Moneyline claims that the South African Social Security Agency has moved beneficiaries to the South African Post Office against their will

Sassa: Get new cards or risk not getting grant payouts

The social security agency says it will not extend the December deadline to switch to the new Sassa cards

Sassa: The more things change …

The social development minister is following in the footsteps of her predecessor

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