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Women in Science: DST Fellowships

Joyce Mwangama completed her BSc (Eng) and MSc (Eng) at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2008 and 2011, respectively.

Women in Science: The Emerging Researchers

Dr Sindiso Mnisi Weeks completed her DPhil in Law in 2009 at the University of Oxford, where she was a Rhodes scholar.

Winners: Physical and Engineering Sciences

The three women who scooped the top three spots in the Physical and Engineering Sciences for Distinguished Young Women category.

Distinguished Women Scientists

The list of winners in the Physical and Engineering Sciences and Social Sciences and Humanities.

German-South African Year of Science 2012/2013

South Africa and Germany are united by a long-standing, successful partnership.

Science and technology to develop rural women and end poverty

The Department of Science and Technology hosts the Women in Science Awards to recognise the achievements of SA women scientists and researchers.

Asset Management

Lessons in managing your assets.

Sasol Techno X 2012

The role that Science and Mathematics play in developing the economy.

Navigating the risk and return minefield

Your retirement hinges on an asset manager's ability to balance risk and return

Getting to grips with asset management philosophies

Every gain or loss reflected on your retirement annuity or unit trust fund statement is underpinned by an asset management philosophy.

Managing assets is important

Millions of South Africans- supplement their employer-linked pension funds via additional contributions to retirement annuities and unit trusts.

Sasol X: A world of endless possibilities

The Boiketlong Sport Centre- in Sasolburg came alive with inquisitive minds as thousands of learners from across the country visited Sasol Techno X.

Exhibition inspired career in engineering

In 2002, one learner who is now a Sasol employee, got a head start in engineering.

Exporting green industries to the rest of Africa

The Board of the state's lender has made it clear that it has the means to fulfill government's objectives of creating a greener economy.

Job cloud with a silver lining

The support the IDC is providing to the development of the country's green economy is expected to have a significant impact on job creation.

Greening low-income housing developments

The IDC's Green Industries unit has invested heavily in supporting the rollout of energy efficient alternatives to South Africa's households.

Reducing demand trumps creating capacity

Energy efficiency and a reduction in carbon emissions are at the top of most agendas around the globe, and no less so for the IDC.

IDC support making a real difference

With R90-million provided to South African companies under the IDC's Green Energy Efficiency Fund the results from these projects are being seen.

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