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/ 10 December 2007

UN climate summit enters final stretch

Rich and poor nations wrangled over the need for mandatory caps on greenhouse gases and ways to help the most vulnerable adapt to rising temperatures as a United Nations climate conference entered its crucial final week. Delegates and environmentalists said on Monday they were satisfied so far with the progress.

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/ 3 December 2007

Bali talks seek new climate pact

About 190 nations met in Bali on Monday seeking a breakthrough to a new global pact to fight climate change by 2009 to avert droughts, heatwaves and rising seas that will hit the poor hardest. A new treaty is meant to widen the Kyoto Protocol, which binds 36 industrial countries to cut greenhouse-gas emissions by 5% below 1990 levels by 2008 to 2012.

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/ 4 October 2005

Bali bombings: Two men questioned

Two men have been detained for questioning over the suicide bombings at three crowded restaurants on Indonesia’s Bali island, police said on Tuesday. Indonesian officials earlier said the near-simultaneous bombings that killed 22 people and apparently were planned by two Malaysians — still at large.

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/ 1 October 2005

Terror in paradise

Powerful bombs ripped through three crowded restaurants on the Indonesian resort island of Bali on Saturday, killing at least 25 people and wounding more than 100 — the second time terrorists have brought carnage to the tropical paradise in three years. Witnesses reported seeing dismembered bodies at the scene, many of them foreigners.