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Tottenham surrender to mediocrity

Spurs have a shiny new stadium, but they’ve now mysteriously lost their mojo

Editorial: Stop the digital dark arts

'In South Africa, we already have one example of how concerted civil society action can foil the digital dark arts'

Analytica link taints Kenyatta

Revelations of firm’s role in Kenya’s 2013 and 2017 polls engulfs the president in another crisis

You can’t hide who you are

Your every detail is being tracked online and you have little control over what will be done with it

Forged in the fires of history

Biblical artefacts are dead in the water

Guardian editor tells Parliament Snowden data is secure

Britain's Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger has told Parliament that less than 1% of information leaked by Edward Snowden has been published.

UK agents destroyed hard drives over Snowden leaks

UK agents oversaw the destruction of the Guardian's hard drives in an apparent bid to prevent Edward Snowden's NSA leaks, says the editor.

UK government defends Murdoch ties

Britain's Conservative-led government denied on Saturday that it was too close to Rupert Murdoch's scandal-hit media empire.

When press freedom faces the void

It was the last big British press crisis, when journalists sneaked into the hospital room of the gravely injured actor Gordon Kaye and snapped away.

Bolstering ethics in the media

For two years, the <i>Guardian</i>, has been chipping away at a media ethics scandal emanating from Rupert Murdoch's Sunday tabloid.

Sector-sharing power? No — April Fool’s Day!

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Bleary-eyed readers of the <i>Mail & Guardian Online</i> on Tuesday April 1 could be forgiven for falling for Eskom's bold new "sector-sharing plan" to save electricity. We round up some of the day's best pranks.

Iraq begins sixth year of chaos, bloodshed

The United States-led war on Iraq that toppled the brutal regime of dictator Saddam Hussein entered its sixth year on Thursday with millions of Iraqis still battling daily chaos and rampant bloodshed. On March 20 2003, US planes dropped the first bombs on Baghdad.

How rogue bankers lose billions of dollars

The admission by French bank Société Générale on Thursday that a single trader had defrauded it of &euro;4,9-billion ($7,15-billion) is just the latest example of how a rogue operator can blow a huge chunk of a company's assets sky high. What rogue bankers have in common is that they are experts in making money.

The perils of truthism

In the fevered talk these days about religion and secularism, there is little room for the thing Africans like me most fear: religious or cultural rationalism. Outside of tiny labs the general ignorance about science, even among people with good educations, is very high. I remember a famous Afrikaans rugby player, a medical doctor, saying in the 1990s that science had determined that black people could not swim -- something to do with muscles and heavy bones.

A new slew of American greats

You may have heard of Jonathan Safran Foer but, asks Ed Pilkington, what about Nell Freudenberger and Rattawut Lapcharoensap?

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Sekhukhune’s five-year battle for water back in court

The residents of five villages are calling for the district municipal manager to be arrested

Special Investigating Unit probes Covid-19 tenderpreneurs

The SIU is investigating 102 companies doing business with the provincial government in Gauteng alone

Vaccine trial results due in December

If successful, it will then have to be manufactured and distributed

Press Releases

WiMSA shines a light on the future of women in mining

Men in mining must begin to take it upon themselves to support the development of women in the industry

Department of Public Works and Infrastructure reveals second gender-based violence advocacy artwork

The men and boys of South Africa are important role players in this mission to ensure that women are respected, protected and treated equally

Empowering the voice of women in leadership to enable full participation in their roles in leadership and decision making

Sibanye-Stillwater has 13% female representation in its workforce and is actively working to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Surviving the tobacco ban

Nicotine is given as the ‘likely’ reason for lower Covid-19 infection rates but authorities still stress the health risk of smoking

Smokers hold thumbs for cigarette ban to be lifted

SATTA is worried about the impact of the ban on its own members activities and how the ban is helping black marketeers to make millions of rands illegally

Covid-19: Outlook on the economy, politics and labour

Old Mutual had experts unpack the effects of the pandemic and provide practical tips on how to deal with the financial impact of job losses and salary cuts

Opt-in to Popia

All business owners should take note: there is a lot of work ahead to ensure compliance with the POPI Act that has just come into effect

Capital Legacy talks life

The Covid-19 pandemic is revealing how few people actually sort their affairs to the benefit of their loved ones they leave behind when they pass on

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