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Brazil votes for new president, far-right Bolsonaro in lead

If Jair Bolsonaro gets more than 50% of the vote to lead the field of 13 candidates, he will win the presidency outright

Hardware stores prepare for release of Fifty Shades of Grey

Millions of fans are expected to flock to the release of the erotic movie based on the popular book - despite the story being rubbished by critics.

New constitution referendum divides Egypt

Egypt is being called to vote in a referendum on a new constitution the opposition fears will be used to usher in an extremist interpretation of laws.

Iran chokes online activity to launch ‘national internet’

In Iran, attempts to get onto foreign news pages have been met with a page saying, "Access to this page is a violation of computer crime laws."

Tensions soar as Iran warns US warship never to return

Iran has warned one of the US navy's biggest warships to keep away from the Gulf, in an escalating showdown that may pitch into armed confrontation.

Gaddafi son defiant as Libya rebels plead for help

A rebel official in Libya's besieged city of Misrata pleaded for Britain and France to send troops to help fight Muammar Gaddafi's forces.

Misrata rebels officially plead for Western troops

The rebel council governing the Libyan city of Misrata said on Tuesday it was formally asking for Western troops to intervene to protect them.

Scramble to rescue refugees in Libya’s Misrata

A ferry rescued almost 1 000 people from Misrata on Monday and Britain said it plans to pick up 5 000 more.

Rousseff sworn in, aims for ‘fairer’ Brazil

Dilma Rousseff took over as Brazil's first female president on Saturday with pledges to build on the policies of her hugely popular predecessor.

Rock star miners emerge from mine to world stage

Stepping into the glare lights for their first fresh air in 10 weeks, the 33 men in wraparound sunglasses resembled rock stars more than miners.

Chilean miners taste freedom at last

Pumping their fists, or falling to their knees, some of the 33 Chile miners trapped below ground savoured their first tastes of freedom on Wednesday.

Japan in the heart of Brazil

São Paulo puts on a display of Japanese culture for visiting Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito.

Rescuers end search as Peru’s quake toll rises

Rescue teams in Peru's shattered earthquake zone headed home on Monday as search operations were replaced by stepped-up aid efforts and security patrols against looters. Wednesday's powerful 8,0-magnitude temblor killed at least 503 people, and the final toll "could reach 540", civil defence officials said. About 1 600 people were injured.

Nearly 900 vehicles torched as French rioting rages on

Nearly 900 vehicles were torched and 250-plus people arrested on Saturday as French police desperately battled the country's worst rioting for decades, which has now raged for nine consecutive nights. Again, the bulk of the violence hit deprived suburbs with large immigrant populations on the fringes of Paris, although rioting again spread to several cities elsewhere in France.

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Zuma foundation claims ex-president was prepared to testify, but Zondo played politics

Zuma’s namesake organisation twists facts and the law – he told Zondo he would answer questions but only in private to the deputy chief justice

President urges caution against more contagious Covid variant as SA moves to level 1

The curfew is shorter, alcohol sale times almost normal and more people can meet at religious, social, political and cultural gatherings

Zulu land body challenges audit outcome

Ingonyama Trust Board chairperson Jerome Ngwenya has challenged the audit process in the face of a series of unfavourable ratings

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