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/ 28 January 2008

Anti-apartheid campaigner rejects SA award

A New Zealand anti-apartheid campaigner has rejected a nomination for a South African award, saying he is dismayed over conditions in the country. John Minto was the national coordinator of the Halt All Racist Tours movement, and said black South Africans were now ”worse off than they were under minority rule”.

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/ 22 January 2008

Hollywood writers’ strike clouds Oscars

In the 80 years since the first Oscars were handed out, it has taken a war or a flood or an assassination to delay the celebration surrounding the film industry’s highest honours. Now Hollywood is wringing its hands over whether the strike by screenwriters could, or should, be enough to postpone the Academy Awards.

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/ 11 January 2008

Kerry snubs Edwards by backing Obama

John Kerry, the senator who ran against George Bush in 2004, endorsed Barack Obama yesterday in a slap in the face to Hillary Clinton and to John Edwards, his vice-presidential running mate in 2004. ”Martin Luther King Jr said the time is always right to do what is right,” Kerry told a rally in South Carolina.