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There is no excuse for violence against children

It's time to get serious about another SDG: ending violence against children

This disposable piece of technology might save your life – if you can afford it

Many diabetics are dependent on expensive blood sugar testing strips to stay alive. Most in South Africa can't afford it.

Why life with this common condition can be an emotional rollercoaster

Having a chronic illness can raise your risk of depression. For diabetics, the blood sugar high and lows of everyday life take an extra toll.

[FROM OUR ARCHIVES] Six ways alcohol can help – and hurt – you this Easter

Before you down those beers at the braai, find out how much alcohol is too much this Easter.

Cancer and heart disease: Can alcohol help you or hurt you?

Drinking four glasses of wine a day can increase your chances of getting breast cancer by about 50%.

Focus on noncontagious diseases

Noncommunicable diseases account for millions of deaths a year.

#Budget2017: A sugar tax can yield a R4bn sweetener for good health

Our obese nation could be slimmed down and help limit chronic diseases such heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

Is the anti-sugar tax lobby taking a page from Big Tobacco’s playbook?

Major studies have established a link between a high sugar intake and coronary heart disease.

Doctors must be taught how to be better counsellors on lifestyle choices

People who smoke and drink too much, don’t exercise and eat unhealthily are likely to suffer from non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease.

Longer lives put strain on NHI plans

Successes in the battle against infectious diseases are offset by chronic, noncommunicable illnesses.

Lifestyle diseases threaten NHI

Government has raised concerns that the health system may buckle under the pressure of both HIV and non-communicable diseases - a dual epidemic.

In Africa prevention is far cheaper than cure

New reports have revealed the cost of non-communicable diseases in Africa, estimating that they cause economic losses of nearly $500-billion a year.

[From our archives] ‘I saw the world through the blurry lens of an oxygen tent’

With the severe effects of the habit on the unborn child now widely known, why do pregnant mothers refuse to give up?

Our lifestyle is killing us

World Health report says non-communicable diseases are the 'leading threats to human health'. Belinda Beresford reports.

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Luxor Paints loses CCMA case, must pay workers R40-m in back pay

Some of the 181 workers were dismissed for carrying sticks during a strike, others were dismissed even though they weren’t at the picket, but were deemed guilty by association

Pay-TV inquiry probes the Multichoice monopoly

Africa’s largest subscription television operator says it is under threat amid the emerging popularity of global platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime

Covid-overflow hospital in ruins as SIU investigates

A high-level probe has begun into hundreds of millions of rand spent by the Gauteng health department to refurbish a hospital that is now seven months behind schedule – and lying empty

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