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OECD urges SA to reform to recover from pandemic effects

The OECD predicts a 7.5% contraction in South Africa’s GDP, with an 8.2% contraction if a second wave of Covid-19 is not avoided

Covid-19: An opportunity to reform the educational landscape

Policymakers and pundits, however, must ensure novel solutions do not exacerbate the inequalities of the South African education system

Coronavirus hammers global growth 

South Africa’s mining and manufacturing sectors are predicted to be down for the first quarter of 2020 because of low demand from China 

Marie Antoinette rules in Colombia as the masses protest against inequality

Citizens have taken to the streets as the country’s transition away from a 70-year civil war gives them opportunity to find their voices

Central Africa can benefit from BRICS partnership

Brics has much to learn from Central Africa

OECD check-up shows SA’s not well

The organisation’s latest survey underscores the urgent need to implement reforms to boost the economy

PanamaLeaks: Scope narrows for the rich to hide offshore assets

Tax authorities globally are closing in on tax evasion and tax avoidance structures.

IMF rethinks its labour market ideas

Structural reform is no longer regarded as the 'obvious' answer to boost growth.

Countries must reconsider building coal power stations – OECD

The OECD has warned that coal-fired power stations will release half of all the carbon that humanity can safely emit and alternatives must be found.

SA Reserve Bank should keep rates low says OECD

A accomodative monetary stance should be maintained while inflation allows for it, says the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

BMW labour woes hit hard

BMW has lost 13 000 cars in production, missed supply targets and taken a decision to stop expansion into South Africa following the four-week strike.

Gordhan takes steps to improve debt management

The OECD and South Africa are getting tough on public debt and cash management in Africa by setting up a centre to reduce the cost of managing debt.

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Zulu land body challenges audit outcome

Ingonyama Trust Board chairperson Jerome Ngwenya has challenged the audit process in the face of a series of unfavourable ratings

‘Terrorised’ family shines a light on traditional leadership for vulnerable people

The ambiguity between traditional and constitutional leadership has been exposed by the violent banishment of an Eastern Cape family

Sisulu dissolves housing agency board, again

The HDA is once again under administration, and its acting chief executive gets to stay on

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