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/ 11 April 2008

Beer-sipping clients have US taxes done in a bar

The sounds of the Rolling Stones pour from the speakers while beer glasses are filled. It’s just another night at the office for Carmine Sodora, certified public accountant. Sodora founded Tavern Tax in 2005. For 10 weeks leading up to the April 15 deadline to submit United States income-tax returns, he brings his tax-filing services to bars.

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/ 17 October 2007

Madonna’s new music deal a sign of the times

Madonna’s landmark deal with concert promoter Live Nation marks the latest move by the music industry to find new ways to profit from artists as CD sales slip and the internet changes the way music is delivered. The deal, officially announced on Tuesday, gives the company an all-encompassing stake in her music.

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/ 29 August 2007

Madiba announces giant London Aids concert

Former South African president Nelson Mandela on Wednesday announced a giant benefit concert in London next June to promote his 46664 campaign against HIV/Aids. The gig will take place in Hyde Park on June 27 to mark his 90th birthday the following month, Mandela said at the unveiling of a statue of him in London’s Parliament Square.