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Lured into the deadly ‘whack house’

In Ministry of Crime, Mandy Wiener describes the way organised crime and powerful political figures joined forces to subvert the law.

Krejcir’s shadow lurks over Gemballa’s murder trial

While the Czech fugitive from justice is not one of the accused in the case, his presence has been felt throughout.

Gemballa trial postponed until September

The murder trial of Uwe Gemballa reached the end of its second week but his name has hardly been mentioned.

Uwe Gemballa’s widow seeks answers

The widow of German supercar conversion specialist Uwe Gemballa says the South African police have kept her in the dark about her husband's murder.

Krejcir’s shadow hangs over case

Police follow up leads that point to a wider conspiracy in Gemballa murder case.

State faces damages claim over Krejcir raid

Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa and police chief Bheki Cele have been notified that the lawyer for fraud-accused Radovan Krejcir is suing the state.

Suspect detained in Gemballa case

A man was detained in connection with the murder of Uwe Gemballa in Johannesburg on Monday night, the Hawks said.

Gemballa case postponed to June

The case against three men linked to the murder of German supercar conversion specialist Uwe Gemballa has been postponed until June 8.

Gemballa case postponed

Three men appeared in court on Friday in connection with the murder of German supercar conversion specialist Uwe Gemballa.

Four to appear for Gemballa murder

Four men are to appear in court on Friday in connection with the murder of fugitive Radovan Krejcir's associate, Uwe Gemballa.

The murders: Five bodies and counting

Several of Radovan Krejcir's associates have died violent deaths in the past 15 months.

End of line for fugitive?

Affidavit detailing fraud may finally bring an end to Radovan Krejcir's run-around with the law.

Czech fugitive ‘a gangster’

An eleventh-hour affidavit submitted to the Refugee Appeal Board could deal a blow to Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir's bid to stay in SA.

Anatomy of a murder

Killer's plea bargain casts a spotlight on Czech fugitive and his associates.

Gembella: Focus falls on Krejcir and Co

The investigation into the death of German businessman Uwe Gemballa is focusing on a circle of people around Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir.

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