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Netflix to invest more than R900m in South Africa

International streaming service Netflix will invest R900-million in the South African film and television industry, it announced at the 4th Annual South African Investment...

‘The Girl in the Yellow Jumper’ is the first Ugandan film signed by Netflix

The Ugandan film, directed by Loukman Ali, teaches that the good thing to do is not always the right thing

Merchandising is a cash cow for films — and that’s where Netflix is heading with ‘Squid Game’

Netflix has filed applications to register the Squid Game trademark in several countries for a wide range of merchandise

Netflix acquires first video game studio

Netflix had indicated its intention to venture into video games in July, eyeing potential hits based on the storylines of popular TV series

Netflix surrenders to the Film and Publication Board

The streaming service will now rate its films according to violence, sexual content, nudity, prejudice and age restrictions, in line with South Africa’s regulations

Netflix and the smash hit tax dodge

‘The Laundromat’ is a film about corporates and the superrich using tax havens, something the streaming service itself allegedly excels at

Chill your Netflix habit, climate experts say

Experts say the ease of streaming services comes with a hefty environmental price tag

Netflix gets its game on at E3 with ‘Stranger Things’

The streaming television powerhouse is looking to expand its original shows into other media

Netflix film tells tale of Malawian eco boy genius

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, which launched on Netflix last Friday, is based on the true-life story of Malawian child inventor William Kamkwamba

What Netflix’s involvement in Nigeria’s massive film industry really means

Big investors seem to be mainly interested in Nollywood's already established popularity with African audiences

Netflix drops satire episode critical of Saudi Arabia

The episode can still be seen in other parts of the world — and in Saudi Arabia on YouTube

Ramaphosa delays Jiba probe decision and Multichoice wants Netflix to be regulated

In the news: Viceroy has been accused of plagiarising its way into influence and the IFP is demanding SABC overage

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