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More than 7-million expired Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines could be wasted by July

Vaccine hesitancy, corruption, and conspiracy theories and disinformation slow down uptake of Covid-19 vaccines

It’s your last shot at the Pfizer vaccine before the roll-out changes

Just under a third of South Africa’s Pfizer vaccines are set to expire by July, so the health department is trying to increase uptake of the doses and donate spare shots

Health department rolls out Pfizer boosters to eligible individuals

Low uptake anticipated because of festive season, but healthcare workers stand ready

Almost 7 000 children receive Pfizer shot on first day for under-18s

More than 39 000 young people had registered on the government’s database by 4pm on Wednesday

Pfizer vaccine approved for children older than 12, but roll-out not yet on the way

Vulnerable older groups remain a priority for the health department, so no Covid-19 jabs for children for now

I’m all Pfizered up, but still broke

Paddy Harper isn’t the only one who’s broke: everyone from Zuma to Luthuli House, never mind the chronically unemployed, is feeling the pinch these days

Africa CDC prioritises full vaccination over Pfizer booster

The continent’s public health agency said the latest figures showed that 6.5-million cases of Covid-19 had been reported in Africa, out of which some 867 000 people had died

How well is Pfizer’s Covid jab working in SA? We break down some of the data

A local analysis found early evidence of promising protective effects of the Pfizer vaccine in South Africa — even among those who had received only one dose

South Africa can now keep Pfizer jabs in a bar fridge for a month

Vaccine roll-out will be easier now that Pfizer confirms the lifespan of its Covid-19 vaccine in a refrigerator is more than six times longer than first estimated

First batch of Pfizer vaccines has landed in South Africa

The first shipment of Pfizer vaccines has reached the country after tense negotiations between manufacturers and the government

Pfizer backs down over ‘unreasonable’ terms in South Africa vaccine deal

Government, according to Mkhize, is “relieved” as Pfizer eventually conceded and removed the “problematic term”

‘Held to ransom’: Pfizer demands governments gamble with state assets to secure vaccine deal

Pfizer is accused of bullying Latin American governments by demanding they grant indemnity against potential civil claims relating to the vaccine

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