Afua Hirsch

Niger: They will be forbidden from dying

Niger wants to ban women and children from crossing the Sahara after 92 died in the desert.

Rape, rockets and unrelenting fear — Mali’s troubles are far from over

The ongoing volatility in the region has left citizens terrified after a year under jihadist rule.

Mali: Recovery is hampered by poverty and food insecurity

The interlinked fortunes of the countries in the sparely populated Sahara region have played a complex role in the causes of Mali's conflict.

Morgues in Nairobi prepare for an influx of bodies

Scores more bodies are believed to be buried under rubble in Kenya's Westgate shopping mall.

Fractured Somalia held hostage by factions

The terror attack at Westgate mall is the latest manifestation of the tangled ties between Kenya and its anarchic Horn of Africa neighbour Somalia.

Transparency will help Africa help itself

Many say that the vast earnings of many African countries from oil, gas and mining show that the focus on aid to Africa is misguided.

Illegal mines tarnish gold from Ghana

Environmental destruction and social conflict are plaguing small-scale mining mining operations in Ghana, Afua Hirsch reports.

Côte d’Ivoire asks UN to replace peacekeepers with drones

Peacekeepers in Côte d'Ivoire could be substituted by drones in a further step towards greater use of the military aircraft in sub-Saharan Africa.

As Africa rises, Europe loses grip on Catholic power base

Catholicism's European power base is under threat and the election of a new pope could be a historic moment for the church.

War reaches Malians on the run

With the front line rapidly shifting, refugees are finding it ever more difficult to escape the fighting.

Hollande vows to fight Mali rebels until they are ‘destroyed’

Air raids continue "day and night" in the battle with insurgents in Mali, but France's president has dismissed suggestions of colonialism.

Well-endowed and loving it

An ample bosom and booty is still desirable in Africa, but it seems like Western ideals are encroaching, writes Afua Hirsch.

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