Alistair Lyon

Brotherhood leaders, Mubarak face trial in Egypt

Three leaders of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and the movement's former arch-foe Hosni Mubarak faced separate trials on Sunday.

Egypt’s Cabinet to debate fate of Brotherhood

Egypt's deputy prime minister will propose a way out of a bloody confrontation between the security forces and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Russia: End of EU arms ban a blow to Syrian peace efforts

Failure to renew an arms embargo on Syria could hamper US-Russian peace talks with the worn-torn nation.

Syria in turmoil as Assad meets Annan

Former UN chief Kofi Annan held blunt talks with Syria's Bashar al-Assad this weekend but appeared to be making little headway.

Dozens killed in Syria as Assad set to rule until 2028

Over 30 Syrian civilians have been killed in fighting as a new constitution is set to see Bashar al-Assad rule until 2028.

Syria considers letting Arab League monitors stay longer

Syria says it might allow Arab monitors to stay for another month on its peacekeeping mission, but those against Bashar al-Assad want UN intervention.

Muslim Brotherhood claims a lead in Egypt’s polls

The Muslim Brotherhood says it is leading Egypt's election, which would give the nation's oldest Islamist group a powerful parliamentary platform.

Fighting resumes near Cairo’s interior ministry

Running battles have flared in central Cairo even after Egyptian military police reinforced riot police guarding the interior ministry.

Ahmadinejad blasts West over 9/11 and the Holocaust

The US and other countries walked out of a speech by Iran's President Ahmadinejad to the UN after he attacked the "arrogant powers" of the West.

Arab revolts set to transform Middle East

The popular protests against Arab autocrats that have churned the region for three months are the authentic birth pangs of a new Middle East.

Military reflex alone can’t quell Yemen militants

Al-Qaeda militants in the mountains of Yemen posting bombs to America? Order more drone strikes or send in the Marines. If only it were that simple.

Iran leader cheered in Beirut, skewered at home

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad basked in a rock-star welcome from Hezbollah's Shi'ite loyalists on Wednesday.

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