Amy Fallon

Citizens win case for safe childbirth

In Uganda 16 women in labour die each day. One woman, backed by a civil society organisation, took the state to court

Uganda rows over Museveni’s rule

As MPs scuffle over the president’s ageing reign, protesters take the battle to the streets

Ugandan medics seek Libya payday

The brain drain to North Africa threatens to hobble the nation’s health system

Uganda justifies brain drain

Judgment has been postponed indefinitely as a battle wages over the 'export' of health workers.

Uganda: NGO takes govt to court for brain drain

Uganda's biggest public health threat is the drain of its medical brains to Trinidad and Tobago.

Antiporn law screws risque Ugandan singer

Jemimah Kansiime's livelihood is now under threat as her Rihannaesque antics could lead to jail time.

Ugandan MP’s lonely anti-gay law battle

A court overturned the anti-gay Bill on a technicality, and the politician who fought it plans to fight a bid to have it passed again.

Cold comfort for Rwanda

So much of the world is familiar with ice cream that it is difficult to imagine discovering it for the first time, as these Rwandan women did.

Africa to get its own web encyclopedia

The online encyclopedia will serve as a repository for the continent's rich traditions, crafts and culture.

East Africa ups the fashion stakes

Fashion Weeks in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi provide a showcase for local designers and are spurring similar events in neighbouring countries.

Idi Amin: The tour of terror (ticket please)

Uganda's tourism board wants to cash in on those who are fascinated by the dictator's brutal reign.

Anti-gay law puts Uganda tourism at risk

Uganda could suffer a backlash from tour operators in the West angered by President Yoweri Museveni's new law against homosexuality.

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