Analysis Jason Moyo

Zanu-PF mulls law amendments

The party's steamrolling victory leaves it with the might to tinker with the Constitution at its leisure.

Mugabe outwits Tsvangirai on election date

The Zimbabwean president is overjoyed by a court ruling against him because he can now hold early elections.

Zim: Reinvention of the opposition

The Movement for Democratic Change has adjusted policies in its election manifesto but is this enough to win against Zanu-PF later this year?

Why MDC can’t win the generals

The opposition's attempt to win the army in Zimbabwe is not new and is unlikely to succeed as the military is keen to prove its loyalty to Mugabe.

Zim: Raising politicians inside a union

Zimbabwe's leaders were nurtured in the organisations that changed the country.

Zanu-PF hankers for Thatcher era

Despite being called 'terrorists', Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe and his party enjoyed a strong bond with the leader.

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