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A year on, Gulf still grapples with BP oil spill

When an oil rig exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico last April, authorities reported that no crude was leaking into the sea. They were wrong.

BP resuming oil spill work as storm fizzles

Workers moved back into BP's oil spill site on Sunday as seas calmed, and BP could begin pumping mud into the blown-out well later this week.

BP faces another tough week despite well progress

BP faces another difficult week of tough questions from investors and US lawmakers despite making progress in capturing an increasing amount of oil.

US oil spill siphoning picks up speed

The latest effort to siphon oil and gas gushing from a ruptured deep-sea wellhead in the Gulf of Mexico is working well so far.

BP capturing oil from Gulf gusher

BP began capturing some oil spewing from its ruptured well on Friday as Barack Obama warned the company against skimping on compensation.

BP swamped by criticism as spilled oil keeps coming

Anger, skepticism and accusations of lying washed over energy giant BP on Friday as it desperately pursued efforts to contain a month-old leak.

Libya invested $500m with Allen Stanford

The Libyan government had invested -million of its cash reserves with accused swindler Allen Stanford's firm as of late 2008.

US charges Stanford with massive Ponzi scheme

Regulators on Friday accused billionaire Allen Stanford, his college roommate and three of their companies of carrying out a ''massive Ponzi scheme''.

US charges Allen Stanford with ‘massive’ fraud

Texas billionaire Allen Stanford and three of his companies were charged with massive fraud on Tuesday as federal agents swooped on his headquarters.

Hurricane Ike strikes at heart of Texas oil wealth

Hurricane Ike slammed into the most populated part of the Texas coast on Saturday with ferocious winds and a wall of water that flooded seaside towns.

Hurricane Ike ravages Texas with massive flooding

Hurricane Ike powered across the densely populated Texas coast and through Houston on Saturday, bringing ferocious winds and a wall of water.

Hurricane Ike slams into Texas coast

Hurricane Ike barrelled into the densely populated Texas coast near Houston early on Saturday, bringing with it a wall of water and ferocious winds.

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