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Georgia executes convict in high-profile US case

The US state of Georgia executed convicted murderer Troy Davis on Wednesday in a case that drew international attention.

A year on, Gulf still grapples with BP oil spill

When an oil rig exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico last April, authorities reported that no crude was leaking into the sea. They were wrong.

Tests start on ‘super skimmer’ for Gulf oil spill

A supertanker adapted to scoop up oil from the BP spill began tests amid a report that some expect the energy giant to replace its top executives.

Pressure piles on BP as Gulf spill widens

US President Barack Obama was dispatching two Cabinet secretaries to the fouled Gulf Coast on Monday to keep pressure on energy giant BP.

Obama blames Gulf oil spill on ‘breakdown’ at BP

US President Barack Obama on Saturday blamed the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill on "a breakdown of responsibility" at energy giant BP.

BP swamped by criticism as spilled oil keeps coming

Anger, skepticism and accusations of lying washed over energy giant BP on Friday as it desperately pursued efforts to contain a month-old leak.

Local fishermen unhappy at BP Gulf spill jobs offers

For fishermen whose livelihoods are threatened by the oil leak, the offer of jobs by energy giant BP to help clean up the spill

Haitians clamour for food as two more rescued alive

Rescuers pulled two barely alive survivors from the rubble of Port-au-Prince on Friday as hungry and homeless Haitians clamoured for food.

Obama as role model for black youth? Not so fast

The election of the first black president in US history should send a powerful signal to young black Americans: If Barack Obama made it, so can you.

New Orleans levees hold as Hurricane Gustav weakens

Hurricane Gustav slammed ashore on the US Gulf Coast near New Orleans on Monday but rebuilt levees appeared to hold floodwaters out of the city.

Weakened Hurricane Gustav hits US Gulf Coast

Hurricane Gustav roared ashore on the US Gulf Coast on Monday, lashing New Orleans with winds and rain but sparing the city its full force.

Gustav pounds Louisiana coast

Hurricane Gustav lashed Louisiana on Monday with pounding rain and heavy winds, posing the biggest threat since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

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